Base Configurations

With TC millwork’s Hybrid T-Top design there are unlimited possibilities for your Casino floor layout. Unique designs forged by TC Millwork like the Low-Profile Triangle can increase square footage and player privacy. Sawtooth layout improves player separation and safety.

Any number of games can be added to any configuration.

Your casino floor demands both functionality and attractive aesthetics. With TC Millwork you really can have it all.

  • Fully-customizable dimensions and features
  • Unlimited configurations
  • Walls or purse guards and top decks
  • Durable laminate and powder coated finishes
  • Universal game grid mount system
  • No drilling for game mounting
  • Optional locking controller compartment
  • Optional router/switch shelf
  • Custom decorative end panels
  • Easy change floor reconfiguration

Below are just a few of the possibilities for machine layout, the possibilities are endless.